Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest

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RME Audio MADI Router

The MADI Router is a compact device designed to link MADI devices of any manufacturer with unprecedented exibility in signal routing. It provides this exibility

by serving as a format converter between optical and electrical signals, as a signal repeater, and as a distributor and merger of several MADI signals, all at the same time.

The MADI Router combines many advantages of point- to-point audio connections, such as low latency and fast recovery time from signal line interruptions, with the  exibility of networked audio connections in which any device has access to any channel available on the network of connected devices.


Jurgen Vandewalle from Rent-All BV used the new RME MADI Routers for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

„At the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen I was responsible for the live sound reinforcement and audio distribution. In the hall we needed a MADI routing/ distribution system for all the MADI streams among the different mixing desks from WL World, Backtrack, MON-world, FOH and the OB compound.

We used 5 units of the latest RME MADI Router generation. As you can imagine we couldn’t a ord any failures or other malfunctions. RME delivered what I expected and what I am used to. It worked immediately without any setup hassle and continued working  awlessly during setup, rehearsal, and main shows. Despite the small LCD screen, RME MADI Routers are very easy to operate.

I didn’t have to check them and could concentrate on all the other things instead.“