Recording the renowned drummer Kuniko

Recording the renowned drummer Kuniko

The recording sessions are for Kuniko's 4th coming global release from LINN Records titled Works for Bach vol.1 (tbd.). This offsite recording session was scheduled at Jaani Kirik (St. John's Church) in Tartu, Estonia where Kuniko specifically selected this 13th century medieval church with particular acoustic characteristics.

The venue produces unique yet highly balanced acoustic with extremely beautiful and natural reverberation, and old terracotta walls and wooden ceilings structure the building. The target release will be on April, 2017 as the label's key release of the year and the album is available in all formats as high as 192k/24bit studio master, 96k/24bit, CDQ to MP3 audio for Stereo and 5. lch. surround including packaged CD (hybrid SACD).

Requirements to capture the most faithful and accurate acoustic

The critical requirements include how to streamline the overall set up for this church recording and at the same time we never want to compromise the audio quality, and we would like to capture the most faithful and accurate acoustic of the venue with the sense of air that Kuniko wants and record them in 192k/24bit audio without any failures. Because of the entirely digital mic application with delivery of 192k/24bit audio result DMC 842 and MADiface XT would be a MUST and the Best Scenario with no doubt.

What are the benefits?

Based on above requirements we chose RME DMC 842 and MADiface XT combination through ALVA MADI optical cable (100m drum), and the result was totally flawless operations without any malfunctions. Due to the circumstance of recording at public church set up & tear down are a daily task to conduct repeatedly, however because of this simplified solution yet the best quality & performance combination it was totally stress-free operations from the start to the end. There is only one minor incidence on DMC 842 which eh. 5 has Sync. Error, however thanks to RME, we have 8 ch to work with and one down isn't an issue at all. In Session #2 there is no notable system errors and it was absolutely and perfectly flawless.