Mike Cerda, MD for Latin artist

Mike Cerda, MD for Latin artist "Maluma" uses RME's Fireface Interface

A native of Venezuelan, Mike has worked with several Grammy and Latin Grammy winners during his career. In his “other” gig as DJ & producer. Known for both his turntable & production skills “MkC” is a founding member of the Venezuelan Hip Hop/Rap group “4to Poder” (1999 – 2008).

Toured with Swedish superstar dj ́s Axwell ^ Ingrosso during 2015 as Advance Production Manager and Stage Manager. He worked on arrangements for several songs on Shakira ́s “El Dorado Tour”. In 2018 he produced all the arrangements and programming of Maluma ́s “X World tour”. In 2019 he co-produced all the arrangements of the Malumas ́s “11:11 World tour” with Grammy winner Cheche Alara.

Mike uses the Fireface UC because it does all things he needs in an interface. Low latency ensures that the sounds he puts in is what he gets out...and nothing more. It just sounds amazing compared to other interfaces he has used. High channel I/O allows to configure multiple sounds and effects just the way he wants. And there´s no hassle with drivers and software, everything works seamlessly! RME’s Fireface UC incorporates premium AD/DA converters, optimized analog I/O circuits, as well as improved SNR and THD values to guarantee pristine, crystal clear and transparent audio.

Learn more about Mike at djmkc.co