Purity Ring

Purity Ring

Since the very beginning, we have exclusively used RME audio interfaces both in the studio and on stage. We regularly use a Babyface, Fireface UCX, and Fireface UFX. The Babyface has been brought on every single tour and is a crucial element to allow creativity on the road. Everything we have ever recorded or mixed has been through RME products because of their crystal-clear audio quality, reliability, and intuitive interfaces.


The ultra-low latency of RME interfaces and complex routing options of the Total Mix software are integral to our live setup. The lead vocal microphone runs through Ableton Live in real-time to allow for live effects and vocal manipulation. Latency is virtually nonexistent with the combination of a Fireface UFX and a powerful laptop. Total Mix routes many audio signals to multiple output mixes that feed both FOH and our in-ear monitors. We control our own monitor mixes directly by using Total Mix on stage, which eliminates the need for a monitor engineer. This has saved us a ton of money and has given us precise control of what's in our ears during our shows.

The future of our live setup will see the introduction of the MADIface XT. Combined with a Digico mixing console, this will allow for a very high number of audio tracks to be sent to FOH over a single digital cable.

  --Corin Roddick of Purity Ring

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